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Wood Shavings

Well to get them off the floor of your shop use a Shop Vac, which is better than a broom as the broom will put sawdust back in the air.  If you live in town the best solution is to bag them and set them out for the trash.  If you live in a rural setting you can always burn them, especially if you have a wood stove.  You can make fire starters with them, which is just to put some shavings or sawdust in a cup cake pan and them pour hot wax over them.  Allow  to cool until solid and they make good fire starters for  the wood stove.  Other uses are to let them compost with other materials for use on the garden or for mulch.  Let the shavings compost a good long time as in a fresh state they will use up available nitrogen in the soil.  Hope one of these suggestions work for you.



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