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Vise Placement

Thank you for your response and words of wisdom/advice. I nixed the rod placement from what you suggested. Humidity will be my bane if I attempted to use something that isn’t needed. In those pics, I just clamped table top together, didn’t have glued yet.
I have recently finished planing down all segments of the top to be over 95% level on bottom, so much easier to see what I’m doing and yet to do. Now all is glued together as close to level as possible knowing some block planing is in store for me, can’t wait.
I’ll only plane down with hand planer enough to level out area for face vise hardware. Table top is 5″ thick. I’ll inset that hardware just enough to place a segment of walnut, understanding ratio for clamping deficit, for the back of the vise and make it flush with end of table top and front of table.
I do appreciate your help and can’t wait, when time allows, to get started again. Love working with wood more than I thought!