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Tool Chest

Good luck on the reorganization of your shop.  It seems to be an never ending process for me. Check out Steve Johnson’s video on using the 5-S process on your shop.

The right tool chest depends a lot on the size of your shop and the kind of work you do.  I need something compact and movable.  I built the Dutch Tool Chest modified by adding a 3.5″ drawer in the middle and also added casters.  It’s really heavy when fully loaded.  I keep it right by the bench when I’m working.  I I plan on adding a base with two or three drawers versus Chris Schwartz added his as open bay.  The drawers will really be trays for carving tools that I would take out and sit on the bench.  It’s more to raise the height of the chest than storage.  However, my guess is this addition is going to make it too tall and unwieldy and I’ll start over.

For another nice chest also check out the one by Mike Pekovich of Fine Woodworking.  In some ways it’s a better size because it really helps you trim the contents down to the “A list tools” you use all the time.