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Thsnks for the information

My situation might be a little different than many of the avid woodworkers. As much as I enjoy the creation of practical and beautiful pieces of wood, and I have done my share, I’m up in years and can’t do what I used to. Arthritis limits what I’m willing to tackle and I’m not up to adding more to my shop. I don’t have anyone in my family who is willing to take over when I’m no longer able to but I am trying to make sure that what I have is in good shape. I feel for the guy who is just starting out and trying to make his pennies stretch. I may be able to still learn a few things and hopefully, I may help someone else along the way. I used to sharpen freehand but my eyesight and hand strength are not what they used to be. I’m content with what I have accomplished already and enjoy figuring out workarounds when needed as much as I enjoy finally finishing a piece. Thanks again.