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The Beauty of the Old Stuff

So I’ve been collecting a stack of old hand planes. A few Stanleys, some Sargents, and a Keen Kutter or two (or three).  The Keen Kutter KK8 will probably be more decorative, although it should be useful – it just weighs a ton!  I have a few planes that my Dad had, also.  They were mostly post-war and not the greatest quality, but he remodeled our house including kitchen cabinets, after working all day at his regular job; so nothing is really ever out of bounds.  I found some older hand saws and a nice old saw sharpening vise.  The collection grows, and they want to do something!

So I don’t have a great workshop right now, just a “bench” in a small outbuilding, but I do like to make stuff, and repair pieces, too.  And my goal is to do more hand work than power.  I have a tablesaw, power miter saw, a couple of circular saws, and drills.  I am beginning to understand the difference of being close to the material with human powered tools and giving up creative control to the tortured electrons of power saws.

I’m thankful for places like Wood and Shop, and some of the old tool sellers like Hyperkitten and Jon Zimmers Antiques.  It’s all good, and all fun!