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Schaaf Tools

I just recently bough a set of 12 carving tools from Schaaf Tools through Amazon and I can’t say enough good things about them. A lot of reviews talk about them being “good for the money” but the truth is they are good tools period. They are full sized and, like all new woodworking tools, do require some shaping, sharpening and honing, prior to performing at their best. I know a lot of experienced carvers dislike sets, but this is a good general use set which can go a long way helping beginners decide on which tools to get first. I tried them out at the bench using hand and mallet techniques and they seemed to perform as well in soft and hard woods as my other “high end” brands including in their edge holding abilities.

If you sign up on the company website they will give you $10 off your first purchase which you can then apply toward the purchase. I have communicated with the company and they seem to offer excellent customer service. no, I have no other affiliation with them, and yes, I really did buy my own tools.

If you are serious about getting some nice tools then you should try these out. Just understand that regardless of what brand you settle on that sharpening is an ongoing activity that comes with the craft. Using truly sharp tools is a joy and dull tools are a chore. Don’t criticize the tools if you are unwilling to do the preparation and maintenance.

Have fun.