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Very carefully. Sanded around decal very carefully (some of of the decal was already missing). I then matched the original stain, again working around the
Decal. 3 coats of spray on polyurethane. Lastly 2 coats of brush on high gloss poly and buffed the poly to high sheen.

You can do wonders when you’re retired and have unlimited time on your hands.

Here is an uncommon Fowler plane I just finished. Fowler plane were low cost planes with stamped steel frogs. This one was completely rusted over. The frog actually fits the frog bed very well on this one. I have restored similar planes that did not fit well. This Fowler is an awesome performer! It glides through the wood and can curl off transparent shavings with no effort. Going to find it a new home on eBay. Will make the new owner very happy.

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.”
-Henry Ford.