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I have heard of issues with paste wax containing silicone used on planes but not with paraffin used as a lubricant. What I use is a basically a  block of canning wax which is available at most grocery store for under five dollars for a box of several (four I believe) blocks. You can also buy it at most craft stores for candle making. I have some hard candles that I almost never have to use except to get at concave surfaces. To give you some idea of how little material is actually transferred, I have been using a single block about one half thick, and two by three inches. The block has been used for over two years now and all I have done is rub the corners of the block back. That is with all of my metal and wooden planes (around two hundred) and it makes a huge difference in the plane action. I logically know there had to be some transfer to the work but I have never seen any evidence of it. You really don’t rub the wax on in a layer just run a couple of rubs in a zigzag pattern along the surface. Between the one box and some yard sale candles I probably have enough wax to last me the rest of my life.

I have tried beeswax and found it soft and sticky by comparison.