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One To Stay Away From

On the subject of the original post: I just bought a relatively new English made Stanley #4 at a yard sale and thought I could tune it to be a cheap user or a scrub. First let me say that I have tuned a LOT of planes including some very cheap ones and have always been able to work through most of the faults in order to end up with a useable tool. I was under extreme time constraints so I had to make a quick decision and the price seemed right for a newer brand name plane. Within a minute of starting the clean up/tune process pieces of the depth adjustment yoke were hitting the bench top. The cheap pot metal yoke literally fell apart under light finger pressure. The base casting and frog had numerous burrs from the casting/machining and the parts were very sloppy in fit and finish. I did have the plane making shavings but I now need to find a yoke or declare the plane a “parts plane”. This is easily the worst plane I have ever owned including Harbor Freight planes.