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try Paul Sellers WoodworkingMasterclasses

and look at all videos plus more,

Paul is an awesome craftsman.

I’ve been a member now for two years. He makes things look easy , I make the same task look difficult, lol but most of all Paul is a good teacher.

It’s one thing to be able to do something it’s another thing to be able to teach.

I would pay 1000 times more than the fee for the Masterclass site just for him to teach me ,

but I’m disabled and can’t travel so Im stuck trying to learn on my own . Paul is one of the few that’s willing to pass on his knoweldge to everyone and not just the ones with deep pockets, believe me cause I’ve tried to get help. But I also understand one person can only do so much , I think that’s why Paul decided to use  the Internet . This way he can reach millions if there interested and for what, fifteen dollar a month, wow who else is willing to do this? That says a lot about a person.