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Cats Meow

Seth, Thats the Cats Meow Of all woodworking books. When I first started woodworking I was told from a very very influential Cabinet Maker from the UK to buy that book. So I did . Seth I have 100’s of books, DVD’s, Streamlines ect. I cant begin to suggest which one would be the best read for you because it all depends. But that book you wouldnt go wrong on period.  Planecraft is another good useful book If you like using Handplanes. I do. I try to buy at least one book a month. If your trying to teach your self the trade in my opinion thats the way. You just have to be careful and try not to adapt every woodworkers way of doing things Like Sharpening for example. You need to find what works for you and then stick with it. If not you will get so screwed up you want be able to sharpen a pencil. After eight years I thought I knew how to sharpen and the recently I found myself in big trouble and to top it all off I thought that my problem with Hand Planing was lack of Technic . It turned out that is was just my  sharpening. It was that simple. Once I got that straighten out I was able to square edges, Flatten tops, Dimension wood and throw away my sand paper  Oops . I wouldn’t recommend throwing away your sandpaper though, lol  there will be some wood that you just cant Plane not for a finished result.  Anyway hope this will help you some It did me. Cheers