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Backsaw Sharpening

First, there are numerous videos on Youtube that can explain the process much better than mere words and I would recommend you check several of them out. I would also suggest that you pick up a cheap saw from the “dollar” store or a yard sale for practice instead of working on a good one until your confidence is built up. While you can re-sharpen out your mistakes you would just be wasting some good saw plate in the process. You would also be better off starting with rip teeth just because the tooth geometry is simpler and the saw should do a pretty good job for both rip and cross cuts after you get it sharpened up. I also have found it helpful to have a movable light source, like a desk lamp, that can be changed around as necessary to highlight the tooth points. A good set of magnifying glasses or a similar device helps with such fine work.

Just watch the videos, buy the necessary tools, put on some good music and have some fun. There is a lot of joy to be had in using well tuned tools and the satisfaction of knowing how to tune them.