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I have study the invention of better wood shaving plane. The table top should be smooth and true to its flatness. It is require minimal cutting depth of plane sharp Iron.
The bench plane like try plane or smoothing plane have iron that is bedded at 45 degree while the edge of cutter is bevel up. The block plane have its iron’s edge in bevel down where I also called it rake against the work/wood. We know that the Stanley block plane have iron bedded at 20 degree plus the rake of blade 45 degree equals 65 degree which is more like half-scraper and half-plane.
The table top is zero degree and the blade is cutting should be 20 to 25 degree and it make the table top more flatness than ever. The jack plane is cutting at 45 degree and that is too high.
When the thick gauge blade of Stanley then it is easier to sharpen the iron in between 40 to 30 degree acute of its steel. Brand new blade could be already 45 degree at the edge from hardware store. So it is precision agreeable to give us the choices of whether the edge is 45 degree bevel and/or 35 degree rake. We should buy the best choice a 35 degree and make the adjustable throat of a plane for wood working require that the mouth have to be open wide to a minimal of 1/2 inch for a width of iron 1 5/8 inches as Craft with Pride to get the 2.2% carbon iron as cutter or Stanley Manganese is a cutter that it is to be bedded 35 degree and install the bevel up iron with attached to the chip breaker and have wedge cap to tighten up the cutter.
The Stanley block plane No.9 1/2 has adjustable throat but when it open to the maximum it seem to be equal or less than 3/8 inch mouth and that is too small mouth for common 2 inch or 1 5/8″ iron. Same problem for No.60 1/2 Stanley. This invention should be better than an old invention of wood working plane. That makes me real proud.
The Keen Kutter have iron from block plane that its gauge is very thin as it would be too hard to make choice of either 45 degree or 35 degree or 25 degree bevel at the edge’s rake. Thanks for reading. My company is named Multimobile Design and Gases. The Vice President is hard working professional Natural Gas foreman named Lamar Haislip