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The Blue Stanley that you have 9 3/4 inch long sole and iron is 2 in. edge. It was made in during the 1950’s Stanley Two-Tone OH4 smoothing plane and the frog is same as Handyman 1204 that Two-tone had straight slot lever cap. The H1204 have kidney hole lever cap and some sole is shorter like no foot at front of front knob. H1204 also have black knob. The H1205 which is a 14 inch long smoothing plane have nickel plated cap while H1204 lever cap is color gray japanned paint. I have have question about my vintage No.110 Some blade came from No.100 which shows 3 side at top of iron and only these words were mark, “MADE IN USA” and it is connect to No.110. The half-round top of iron cutter 1 5/8 inch edge have these mark, “Stanley” with 12 lines around the word, STANLEY. 12 Line looks like battery both side positives sketch. Also below it is mark, MADE IN U.S.A.. These two different font sizes are large letters in the older model block plane and smaller letters in the later No.110 block plane. If that the date of No.110 is true where it is easier for old days to mark it with larger size lettering punch and pressed? So coke bottle cap as part of tension wheel was embossed. The precedent of the tension wheel have 4 holes cast iron wheel. Some have diameter 1.45 inch and some have 1.25 in cast iron. Keen Kutter have 1.5 in. wheel. Then coke bottle
1 5/8 inch diameter pressed and other size: 1.25″ stamped tension cap head screw (20 tooth/in.) I’ve seen the picture of bucket shape cap for No.110 and it ornamental the cap with its embroiled cast iron.
I add the jpg photo to the file attachment, it read this file is too big.