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Hi !

I’m actually learning violin making in Switzerland. I both a Lie-Nielsen Plane number 101 (this is the one that are using fast every villain maker) and I won’t to buy another in a bigger size for preparing the wood and for other woodstuffs to. I think i’m gonna buy an old plane because i don’t have so much money and a lie nielsen or a veritas n4 coast a lot.(but I really don’t wont to buy a cheap one on dictum, i’m searching for quality).

So i’ve seen a lot of old planes on eBay and i found that.
I’m going anyway to make new handles in boxwood, make it flat and maybe change the blade. But I think you maybe can tell me more about the quality of this model so i’m asking for your opinion.

Thank you so much and have a good evening !
Stay healthy in this tough time :)

Noé Gremaud