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Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I have tried several of them, and I think it’s helped quite a bit. I’ve started using my thumb to help guide the saw, as well as using a chisel towards the waste side of the line.  My crosscuts have greatly improved, but I’m still struggling with rips…I think with more practice I will get it.

I’ll have to watch not swapping saws…that makes a ton of sense. Perhaps this really was causing my issue.

My plan to stabilize the workmate is to cut a piece of plywood to put in the space near the bottom–it seems to be designed to have this added. This with a cinder block or bricks on it.

I believe I also would like to replace the top on it with a thicker wood. And perhaps add the Sjobergs Smart Vise to improve my clamping situation. I think these three additions would prevent things from wobbling too much while I am working.