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Hi Mark,

I always hone my newly sharpened tools either by using a leather, flat MDF charged with honing compound, and or a powered honing wheel (one of several designed for different circumstances). So when I place the tools into storage they are SUPER sharp. “Razor sharp” is the lowest level of sharpness I generally tolerate in most of my edged tools when I begin to use them. The issue is with tools requiring the best of edges such as carving tools and some of my bench chisels that don’t see regular use. They can be stored with the sweetest of edges and two or three weeks later have an edge that is noticeably worse, still sharp but not as good as it was. A few seconds of honing is all it takes and I am back in business. I just find it odd that the edge degrades on it’s own. I have about decided that there it is the result of microscopic oxidation, even though there is no visible rust and the tools are oiled. I just wondered if anyone else in the group has had a similar experience.

Have fun