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Frame saws are indeed a good option for a lot of work but are harder to find, and usually at greater cost, than used tenon saws. If I was starting from scratch and insisted on a new saw, a frame saw would definitely be a considered option. I have found that they feel a little more awkward in use until you have some experience with them. I bought a used Disston tenon saw today in a “lot” of tools so I can’t tell you the price on that individual item, but they can be regularly had in my area for less than $15. A little cleaning and a little file  time and they are normally ready to put to work. There are currently at least a dozen tenon saws in my personal pile along with a couple of frame saws.

You have to love Paul Sellers as a woodworker and teacher. He always seems to reinforce the concept that most of us can do good woodworking with just a little effort and knowledge, normally without having to spend a fortune to do it. Thank you Mr. Sellers and thank you Gbalcom.

Have fun.