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While I believe that quality work with veneers is a high art form, I believe that the primary reasons that a lot of woodworkers don’t have high respect for the finished product is because we have seen so many mass produced pieces that seem to be prone to deterioration and that some of the overall styles of furniture that generally feature veneers and marquetry are not as popular as they once were. I understand that using veneers allows for the use of woods (species and figure) that generally are not practical for solid construction and allows for creative choices not otherwise possible or practical. I enjoy looking at it and admiring the workmanship and art of it but I don’t think I want to live everyday with it. The exception might be marquetry and inlays inserted into solid furniture.

Having said that, one of most wonderful aspects of woodworking is that there are so many different products, skills and traditions involved and all are worthy of preservation and study. Thank you for creating sharing with us.