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Which plane should you get? They all offer advantages and all of the brands mentioned have good tools so it really gets back to what you want to do. You really won’t hurt yourselves by buying any of the items mentioned and many of the differences get down to personal preference. My recommendation, if you have already narrowed down your choices, is to find a dealer, if you can, and try the items out.

It can be bewildering when you are just starting. Can you get by with an “average” or reconditioned old tool or should you buy a “high end” new tool? Should I buy this brand or that brand and what is the difference? The best answer is to look at your skills, what you want to make, and what your current personal situation is. A skilled millionaire would have a different answer than a true beginner and someone making musical instruments is going to make different decisions that a furniture maker. When I got the woodworking bug most of the available information was published by power tool manufacturers so you can understand the recommendations for tool purchases then.

We live in a golden age for woodworking information and just a little research will show what is really needed for work. Just check out the resources such as that Joshua offers and look at the videos posted by those that do work similar to what you are interested in. Check out their techniques and tools. then make your selection based on your personal situation. Don’t forget to spurge a little to treat yourself and don’t forget to post here to let us know how things turn out for you. Don’t fear buying a “wonderful” tool only to find out it wasn’t quite right for you. We have all done it at some point and that is one reason why Craigslist is so popular.

Have fun.