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Hey Mike, Good advice and comments. Sorry I seemed to convey that I was trying to build my till in a traditional style, I wasn’t. I just wanted to build it with traditional joinery so that I could practice joints for other projects that I may actually want to build in a traditional style. I also broke from traditional style in that I built it with some bamboo plywood that I had lying around, which is also why I went ahead and did the joints the way I did since the different plies have the grain running in opposite directions. You’re right the the tails with short grain in the center are weaker than the others but since it is plywood and the ply is glued well it really is very insignificant in difference.

I mostly just wanted to practice cutting joints, build something that looked nice but was practical, and get my tools more organized. I enjoyed thinking through how the joints actually would pull or grasp the wood and to use those ideas to build a sturdier till for the type of wood I was using (as you point out my joints would actually be pretty weak if I was using solid wood rather than plywood). I’m pretty pleased with how it looks and how it came together. I thought I did really well for my first dovetails ever (didn’t even practice before just diving into this project).