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Buying new or otherwise you will need to sharpen that saw some day. There are sharpening services everywhere. Till I took the plunge and decided to either learn or destroy my saws I just took them in to get sharpened. Lee Valley up here in Canada sells the PAX brand saws breasted and taper ground, that’s more than most folks are offering these days. $139 Canuck bucks apiece. Also as for shorter panel saws just buy a decent longer used one and take a file and gouge a line across the last 3 inches or more if your going shorter. Gouge a good deep line and bust it off ( a little trick I learned from Mr. Underhill by the way) then clean it up with the file and round the top corner ( you can even file a nib in there if you so desire) and send it to sharpening service of your choice. One panel saw at your service. The left over end does two things, it makes a decent scraper or as I plan to do with mine on my new work bench, which should be done in the next decade or two. I plan to use it as a toothed stop for holding my wood when planing. I would like to recess it and spring load the bugger to give it some depth adjust. Till then it’s in a box in a cabinet somewhere in my basement workshop quietly awaiting it’s destiny.