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I appreciate the help.  Since my original post I’ve watched probably 50 videos on benches and read about half of Christopher Schwarz’s work bech book. So ive changed my mind a bit, im not going to put an apron on it.  I want the legs flush with the top, so i can clamp longer pieces to the edge of the top.

My current bench is 37 1/2 inches tall which comes to the middle of my hand.  Im 6’3″ and i have back problems so i dont want to stoop alot.  I only have a tail vice on my current bench its a single screw so it always racks unless i use a scrap piece of wood as a spacer.  Last night i drilled a line of dog holes with a hole every 3 inches so that should help some for the time being.


Im thinking a leg vice with a sliding deadman  for the face, to work the edges of boards.  and a twin screw vice as a tail vice, which i can use with dogs to secure pieces flat to the top, and if the screws are wide enough i can use it for dovetails, and tennons.