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Personally, I do some small furniture items, some crafts, a lot of general projects around the house for the immediate and extended family. Truthfully, most of my work during the last year has been for old tool restoration (lots of that lately) or with projects around the property. I have about twenty acres of woods and pasture that has turned into a playground for the five grandsons, extended family and some friends and neighbors that enjoy using the place for walks in the woods and playing in the creeks. I had pretty well neglected it all (except for the yard area) for the last thirty years and decided it was finally time to play catchup. I figured that I couldn’t wait another thirty years to take care of the many pending projects and even if I could the grandsons would have grown out it.

I have put most of the woodworking on temporary hold while I cut trees, haul rocks, shape up the road, clean up some old trash (not mine but historic) and cut some new trails. Lots of work but lots of fun too and the grandsons have spent a lot of time fishing, catching crawdads, and generally going native. I still have a concrete pad to pour, a treehouse to build, a couple of footbridges to put in, and several stone landscaping projects in the works. My wife also has a couple of trips scheduled for us this year. At some point, I want to put a small structure out near the larger creek so the kids can “camp out”, and they want a zip line. So with all of that my priorities are currently away from my woodworking and more toward other things. When the weather is wet I still find time in the shop and have a tool storage chest and a router table (from a used vanity) that I am doing as a gift. I really want to take up relief carving and have been accumulating tools, books, and preparing an area in the shop toward that. You can see some of the shop and tool photos in other posts in the forum.

Have fun