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Hi 4n494rc14,

I am of the “keep it simple” school of thought. My experience with pallets is that the wood tends to be rough, meaning complicated and precise joinery is difficult to manage without first making the timber flat and square, which will probably mean a lot of work on the individual pieces and much thinner boards, In order to avoid the use of hardware and glue you have elected to design some very tricky details which translates into a bit of a puzzle during  assembly and disassembly.

While your design is an interesting exercise (I loved the video, especially your child in the audio background and your use of wedges ) and whatever works for you is encouraged, I would suggest you use the same materials, and glue, to produce some subassemblies with simpler joinery and a more traditional bench design. It would reduce the overall time in construction, assembly and disassembly of the bench for portability and storage.

Have fun