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My point was that the Moravian represents a substantial (for me anyway)investment of both time and money that many beginners might want to spend elsewhere (on tools, projects, or materials maybe). It is definitely a nice bench  and the DVD will get you there quite well. However, based on my experience and in my opinion,  beginners should consider a sturdy, basic, less expensive, and quicker bench until they have spent some time in the hobby and have developed a good idea of the bench features that matches with the work they do or want to do. If you are a beginner then how do you know which of the many bench designs or features would serve you best? Would you rather have someone else’s dream bench or a better set of other (since a bench is a tool) tools and a basic bench? And yes, thick quality slabs are hard to come by and I am willing to bet that most folks that do thick bench tops laminate them instead for a variety of reasons.

Whatever your decision, it all works. It is kind of like the preference in chisel handles or oriental vs, European hand tools, or pin vs. tails dovetails.

Have fun.

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