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Hi Johnny,

Welcome to the group. I would recommend that you spend as much time as possible checking out all of the wonderful videos available, not only as a way to pick up skills but to help you determine the type and depth of woodworking you want to do. One of the great things about woodworking is that it covers a huge array of possible interests and each division of the field demands different tools and skill sets. Once you narrow down the area you want to concentrate on then you can start to make your decisions on tools, books, courses, etc. Even though some of the basic information is transferable between woodworking divisions, a lot of it (as well as tools) are division specific. There are some free great old books available as electronic downloads from the web you should check out and the library is a great resource for helping you sort through the different types of projects. I really wish that YouTube had been available 45 years ago when I first got interested in the subject, especially for The Woodwright’s Shop, Paul Sellers, and of course Joshua’s site. Hopefully you will be sharing some of your projects with us soon.

Hand tool woodworking is a great place to start because the tools are more likely to be universal, are more available, generally are less expensive and more versatile than many of the electrically powered counterparts. Just remember that all of us were beginners at one time and were struggling with the same issues that face you now. Just be patient and have fun with the learning process.