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I have finally finished my version of the “kerfing plane” which I really see as a kerfing saw. While this type of tool is generally touted for kerfing for resawing I also saw a lot of potential for creating general rabbets, reducing edges of panels for drawer bottoms and raised panels. establishing edges of grooves in the absence of grooving and plow (plough) planes and similar operations.

The blade came from an old saw plate that I cut and re-toothed for a 10 TPI rip configuration since most of the work I envision for the tool will be along the grain. I chose a simplified adjustable fence loosely based on one from a grooving plane that I have and it provides me with up to 1 1/2 of distance between the blade and the fence which is plenty for most of the work I do. The fence is easily removable so that the tool can be used against a batten if additional capacity becomes necessary. I used some ambrosia maple in the tool body since I just happened to have some scraps of it that meet the need.

They both work wonderfully and I want to thank Tom Fidgen and James Wright for the inspiration.

Have fun.P1040973