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Denny, sounds like you are off to a good start. I try to not obsess about my tools and just enjoy woodworking. I can afford newer high quality tools, but I often forgo them because I enjoy tuning up old tools. I have to keep reminding myself that everything is a variation on axe, saw and chisel. Tool collecting can be a separate hobby, but it is nice to have a small collection.

My weakness is planes. I started with a Stanley 4, then Stanley 5, then a rusty Craftsman 7, followed by a Stanley 4 1/2. I have now added a Stanley 3, 78, and a 45. All are good users with a little tuning. I also have Stanley 6 that I picked up cheap, but it needs a little flattening. I have a Miller Falls 71 router plane with Veritas cutters for routing and I prefer it. None of these planes are fancy, but do a great job with a little tweaking and sharpening. My chisels are nothing fancy either and may need more frequent sharpening than high end chisels, but they still work. I also buy some things at Harbor Freight. Their Japanese pull saws and hardpoint miter saws may be disposable, but they cut well enough. (I really need to teach myself to sharpen my old saws.) Their clamps are also a good buy.

I have a good quality makita circular saw and a second hand Sears bandsaw to help with breakdown but I do not have a table saw. I have access to one if I need it, but try to avoid it. I picked up a miter box and saw for $10 that works great, although I will need to sharpen it.

I found a used Delta tabletop drill press for $40 and it comes in handy. I also use brace and eggbeater drill. A brace can make a great cordless screwdriver.