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Money is a big deal for me. After ten years as a paramedic (and a total of 12 in EMS in general) I am back in school in my 30’s, I am not working at the moment, the clock is ticking on kids and the wife is feeling it. Woodworking/building useful things is a way to have nice things in the house on a low income, it is a way to blow off steam in a very competitive school program, and it is a way to connect with my wife as she is very into crafts and dyi stuff.

The second motivating factor on purchases is love of heirloom quality items. We are both very into vintage stuff in general, and love restoring things to a useful state. Plus I really want to pass some good stuff on to the kids when we have em. The problem for us is living in the city (Chicago) there are too many collectors grabbing stuff at flea markets and the like, so we keep a watchful eye on craigslist, and make it to the suburbs when we can.

Oh well! the plan is to get have a Dr. in front of my name before my 40’s and not be broke as crap for the first time in my life! Move away from the city, help some people in the way we want to help some people, and hopefully someday we can have most of the vintage tools we desire!