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Hi folks,

I bought one of those ( I actually bought one of each of the types of bench planes Harbor freight sells) just for fun and was able to get it to pull some decent shavings. Of course the quality of the shavings don’t matter much compared to the quality of the finished piece. They are light and are definitely not what  anyone would ever consider to be a good plane, but they can do some good work in the hands of an experienced woodworker. My opinion is that they can easily be tuned  as a scrub plane and that that would probably be the best use for that particular tool. I like to pull it out and show it off to visitors to the shop who like to discuss the superiority of older, and considerably more expensive hand planes. They can definitely have value in the shop and are an inexpensive way to get some experience fetteling. The adjustment mechanism really isn’t all that sensitive. I usually pull the blade back slightly, snug the blade down, disengage the adjustment screws and tap the blade down just as you would with a wooden bodied plane. After I get a desirable shaving I snug the adjustment knobs down just to help ensure he blade doesn’t back out in use. That ensures a light cut.

Have fun.