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To me, it’s not about money. I will only buy quality tools. I don’t want to fight the tools, while working wood. I have a nice mix of vintage as well as new tools. It depends on what I need and how fast I need it. I shop antique stores as well as the web. If I buy new, it will generally be Lie-Nielsen or Veritas but there are others. I usually do a lot of research on what I need, then buy.

My panel saws are vintage Disstons, my dovetail, carcass and tendon saws are Lie-Nielsen. My #4 plane is a type 6 Bed Rock. My #5 & 7 are Lie-Nielsens. My plow and rabbet planes are Veritas.

I am beginning to lean more towards new tools. Buying vintage doesn’t mean you will save money. I use my Bed Rock smoother with the original iron. Iy you put a new Hock iron into it, you may have spent more money than new. I enjoy restoring vintage, but my time is limited, and worth something. I don’t like to buy vintage on the web. It is difficult to judge condition. Usually my vintage tools are bought as an antique store find, rather than need.