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Hi Nick,

I tend to store my tools without much regard to “display”. They are generally placed throughout the shop based on either the best storage method for that particular tool type, the area of the shop where they will be used or the likelihood of use. I know where they are when I need them or when someone else wants to check them out. I put the tools I use most often either at the bench (under it on a shelf, in a drawer, in a simple slot rack at the bench, or on a rack above the bench) or within a step away. The other planes which I use less often are mostly stored on a multi-shelf metal rack in the shop and brought to the bench as needed for a specific project. The many duplicate tools are stored around the shop, generally grouped together by type and simply brought out as needed. I have some other tools that are almost never actually used and I store them well away from the shop in a manner to preserve them.

Visitors to the shop that express interest in specific types of tools will find that they are grouped but not “displayed”. I will bring some of them out and we can enjoy them together temporarily.

A shop should be orderly and arrangements can be attractive but too much emphasis on arrangement for display can be counterproductive at the bench. I have seen some displays where the tools simply can’t be accessed without a ladder. They looked impressive though.

I would say that it all depends on what type of work you do, the tools you actually use at your work stations, and how important displays are to you personally. There are a lot of good rack and display systems online and only you and decide what works best for you. Do you need saw tills, , drawknife racks, plane racks, or general tool cabinets? Do you have a few planes or hundreds? I’m sure you get the idea.