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Hi Bob63,

I don’t know if your tote is salvageable or not but it isn’t unusual to simply glue them back together if it is a clean break. Most of the guys who go that route use a quick epoxy and just hand hold the pieces until the initial set. clean the broken surfaces with acetone since some woods are naturally oily and old breaks tend to get dirty and you want a good lean surface. Let it dry well and just lay down some wax paper. Put the epoxy on the break and lay the tote on it’s side, hold it in line and press it together. hold it for a couple of minutes and then just back away until it has set up well. Clean it up and finish as required.

If you do decide to go with a new tote you can find them online. If you really want to make one you should be able to draw one out from the old tote or by tracing one from another plane. If you don’t have another plane with a similar tote then you don’t have enough planes. Seriously, you shouldn’t have much of a problem coming up with an example to copy.

Have fun.

Have fun