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I got a chance to work on the spice box for a good amount today. I made some good progress on the carcase construction. The main box is now basically ready to glue up. I’m hoping to get the interior partitions done and installed tomorrow. That will leave the drawers and moulding to complete before the door inlay. Here are a few photos of today’s work.

Dovetail Layout #1

In the above photo you can see the groove that the back panel will fit in.  My Veritas plow plane made short work of creating it.  I love that little plane.  You’ll also notice some odd spacing for the tail on the right end.  This isn’t a goof – it is designed that way to leave a tab that will interface with the carcase side.  Personally I think it’s an unnecessary complication, but what do I know?

Transferring The Tail Layout

In the above photo, you can really see the tab on the right side that I mentioned above.