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No – I did not write that clearly and good on you for questioning it! You need to put the dye on before the sealer. The process I’ve used on pine with dye is:

1. Raise grain and knock down;
2. Apply dye (I’ve used water and alcohol as a base to do this – alcohol takes some more getting used to and tends to work better if spraying, but you typically don’t have to resand afterward as you do with water – so you may need to do multiple dye applications if you use water to get the color you want);
3. Apply pre-finish sealer – I’ve used dewaxed shellac for this;
4. Apply your finish – I’ve used all kinds of stuff here…like successive coats of shellac, Behlen’s Rock Hard, etc.

Please excuse my poor writing clarity in my original post. There is a ton of stuff on the net that cover the use of aniline dyes on pine…Google is your friend! You will easily find the info you need to use them successfully.