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I use hot hide glue and Old Brown Glue (liquid/cold hide glue) almost exclusively. I do this, as Mike said above, because it fits the work I do. I tend to do a lot of period pieces, restorations, etc. I will *hopefully* be getting into some instrument building, too.

There’s three things I really like about HHG and OBG
1. It can easily be undone. If I goof, hot water and heat will take the joint apart.
2. It’s traditional and period accurate.
3. I love to watch my dogs go nuts eating it (relax all you ASPCAers – I don’t feed them a diet of HHG…they just get the “drippings”).

Patrick Edwards at Antique Refinishers/ASFM is the maker of OBG so I try to buy my hide glue and OBG direct from him. Patrick, Patrice (his business partner), and Kristen (his wife and business partner) bend over backwards to help anyone who calls and bothers them with idiotic questions about OBG and veneering, so I like to give my business direct to him so he can make more $$ on it than if I bought it through a retailer like Highland. If you’ve never tried it, you should. It’s the easiest way to get into hide glue – no pot needed. Just google them and watch some of their videos.

That said, I do, on occasion, use Titebond and Epoxy when required.