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Hi Robertshuai,

I don’t know how respected we are but thanks anyway and welcome to the group. Good luck on the drawing. It may have been just my system, but I couldn’t see the sharpening demonstration. 17 degrees seems like an awfully shallow bevel. The normal primary bevel is about 25 degrees and the secondary bevel is around 30 degrees for bevel down planes. I have seen some high end chisels sharpened (by the users) to around 17 degrees for hand pressure work but that means the edge needs more maintenance. It sounds like you spent a lot of time shaping the tools as opposed to the final edge preparation (sharpening). I don’t think I have ever spent more than about an hour on a plane blade and that was one with major pitting on the back.

You might want to invest in a hand powered grinder if you want to stay with a hand tool only shop if you are going to have to a lot of shaping. The good news is that touching up an existing edge by hand normally only takes a few minutes.

Have fun.