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I’m actually making a blanket chest (Glen Huey’s Pennsylvania Blanket Chest to be exact). There are some wide pieces in the chest so I was hoping to keep the boards wide and have the board wrap around to show that it’s a continuous board. I’ve cut and milled some pieces already and I might have 5/8″ thick material when it’s all said and done. Is that thick enough for a dovetailed joint on a medium sized chest?

By the way, not much of this project is going to be done by hand. I started milling with a hand plane, but this is pecan wood and is not very easy to work with. Plus I don’t have a proper scrub plane so I have to take a lot of passes on this 1″+ thick wood. Not sure I have the skills to do the dovetails by hand either. I’ve attached a picture of a before and an after.