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The one thing refurbishing old hand saws I inevitably end up doing is taking a rasp to the handle and shaping it so it fits my hand. When I first started out I bought a couple of rather nice large Spear and Jackson rip saws. Not particularly old (from the 50’s I think) but nice. Once all cleaned up, sharpened and set they looked lovely but were a complete nightmare to use. The handle dug into the heel of my palm and after about  half an hours use my hand felt bruised and it puts you off using them. The difference once it fits your hand is quite astonishing. Don’t believe me? Buy an old scrap saw from a flea market/ car boot sale and have a bash at the handle. Once you have a comfortable shape carefully round over the edges and you wont be able to tell its been altered. Just because some dusty designer a very long time ago thought the handle looked nice with a full set of french curves built in doesn’t mean he had to use it for a week sawing green oak!

Don’t be afraid to alter the handles. You either buy a saw to hang on a pub wall covered in varnish or you buy it to use……..so make it comfortable to use….and use it!

Like they used to tell us in the British Army, if it fits, you’re deformed :-)