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Hi MikeT,

We are all challenged in some way, whether it be physical, financial, or limitations of our tools. The idea, of course is to work to overcome your specific challenges. One of the great things about woodworking is that it has such a broad range that it offers something to just about anyone, including even blind woodworkers. As has been said here and in other postings, it all depends on what you would like to do. I would recommend that you start by reaching out to your local woodworking community and try to find a woodworking buddy or group. You could even post on the woodworking sites with specifics about your location and your interest in finding a buddy or group in your area.

One of the least expensive woodworking interests, and one that has advantages to folks getting started, is carving with knives, assuming that the disability doesn’t affect hand use. The knives are relatively inexpensive, are only limited by your imagination, are very portable so that they be used in lots of locations besides shops and the materials are normally inexpensive.

Other woodworking interests bring with them specific requirements of space, numbers and types of tools and the processes you would need to manage given your specific challenges. Keep us posted on your venture because I’m sure there a lot of good people that have similar interests and challenges that need our encouragement.