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If you’re really really really just starting out, I’d suggest just watching lots of videos to get a hang of how things should be done. WoodandShop, and Paul Sellers’ youtube channel are my favourite places. Then, just dive in to something small, that wouldn’t be a huge disappointment, should it not work out.

I started out just doing very basic stuff; a single dovetail joint, for instance. It allows you to practice, with little risk. Lately, as I’ve gotten the hang of things a little, I’ve graduated to pencil boxes, and right now I’m making a box for my chisels, and planning to build a set of japanese-style sawhorses. Not having a bench is a huge obstacle for me, and it makes everything far more difficult; so I’m hoping two sawhorses with a nice thick top-piece (perhaps with a wood vise or two attached) could remedy my problems, for a while, at least.

Also, try some whittling and ax work. It taught me more about grain behaviour than anything else has. And it really helped me understand how wood works and behaves, without having to learn the hard way so often.