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There really isn’t a lot of information out there specific to transition planes but many of the videos associated with metal and wooden planes apply. I assume that you have used the lateral adjustment lever and that hasn’t been enough to even out the cut. Have you checked to see that the blade edge is at right angle to the blade edge? I would also check to make sure that the bed is flat and square to the plane body. If all still looks good and the plane still wants to cut deeper on one side you might want to try sharpening the blade edge at a slight angle to the sides to compensate. I have found that fix in several old planes where the previous owner apparently didn’t want to try to square up a plane bed. You can also camber the blade and use them for rough work.

It has been my experience that transition planes can do very good work, especially as scrub, jack, and fore planes, and are more reasonably priced than metal planes seem to be.