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His videos are great.  He really gives away a lot of information on Youtube, and it is all usable.

I am going to build a bench soon.  The Roubo is the “bench du jour” for sure, and while I like it, I think that I may go with an English bench, similar to the Nicholson bench.

I just remembered that I purchased “The Naked Woodworker” DVD about a year or two ago, and never watched it.  On the second DVD, Mike Siemsen builds an English bench, and it is something that I may copy.

Here is a great video of the bench, and how he uses it without any vises.  Very cool, very inexpensive, and well within the reach of beginners.

Mike Siemsen English Bench

Bob Rozaieski from the new defunct Logan Cabinet Shoppe blog built a really nice English bench using only handtools.  Here is a video of him discussing the bench after using it heavily for a year.

Logan Cabinet Shoppe Bench Overview

These benches are built using construction grade lumber from  Home Depot or Lowes, such as Douglas Fir.  A couple of 2×12’s is all that you need, and for under $100, you have enough lumber to build yourself a very solid bench to last for years.

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