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Seth, that video is great! I learned a whole lot about how saws work. I’ll have to try again, with their tips. Thanks.

tcaley4, that’s very possibly an issue I have too. I know I also have the tendency to get impatient and put more downward force on it than I, perhaps, should. Thanks, I’ll try out different stances, and see!

SDaniel, I’ll check out that video later today; I’m sure it’ll be helpful, thanks!

gbeglau, I also thought all saws were essentially the same, just with different sized teeth. It’s amazing how wrong I was, haha. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what a handplane was until last year or so. Glad a place like WoodAndShop, and people like Paul Sellers, and Joshua Farnsworth, and the folks at the Woodwright Shop exist, to ferry these ideas and techniques into the modern age.