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Like most things associate with woodworking, it all depends on the type of carving you want to do. Chip carving, relief carving, spoon carving all lend themselves to specific types of tools. There can be some crossover uses but you generally don’t use chip carving tools on spoons or vice versa. I would recommend that if you don’t know exactly what type of carving you want to do that you invest if a couple of good carving knives. They are relatively cheap and can be put to many other uses in the shop besides just carving. If you want to try relief carving I would recommend one of the starting sets from Flexcut. A lot of people would caution you on buying a set of tools but my opinion is that at this stage you don’t know what you need and these sets can have you making basic cuts at relatively low cost. You can always add to your collection as it become apparent what style of carving and tool techniques you prefer.