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Sounds like it’s going to be a nice bench.  I just started a Sellers bench myself, which I’ll post about as time permits.  I really like the idea of using inexpensive softwood lumber to make benches.  I know a lot of folks will poo poo them, but I can make 3 benches that will last a lifetime for what it would cost to buy one hardwood bench.  There’s a lot to be said for that.  People will question the need for multiple benches – until they have them!  I plan to keep my existing bench rigged as a joinery bench with my Moxon vise and some other accoutrements, and use the bench I’m building for general use.  I will also be building an assembly/finishing table in the next few months, too.  My wife graciously “gave” me our double car garage for a shop – and I’m running with that ball.  I have almost 800 sq. ft. to build out.  My only worry is how bad I’m going to get revenge-shopped because of it!  Keep posting photos as you build out – I’d like to see your progress.