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I was asked to post mistakes…and I make plenty of them.

I started working in the shop today, planning on doing the carcase joinery.  The side panels of the carcase had about 2 1/2″ of open joint at one end.  I grasped the panel and flexed it along the axis of the glue joint and it popped apart!  I tried the other two and the same thing happened.

At first, I didn’t know what had caused this.  After some thought, light dawned on marble head.  I live in the desert.  This wood has been in this environment for quite some time.  I glued up the panels with OBG (Old Brown Glue).  OBG cures by evaporation of moisture.  When I glued the panels, the dry wood and dry air wicked away and evaporated away the moisture so quickly that the glue could not penetrate into the fibers of the wood before it set.  Thus, I had a glue-starved joint.

To add insult to injury, I had a crown in the edge of a couple of my panels.  Take a look at the photos.

This happened because I did not check my jointed edge for flatness along the long axis of the board.  Shame on me…I know better.

Regardless, now I’m behind schedule because I had to re-joint the edges of the panels and re-glue them.  They’re in the clamps now.

For the rest of today, I’m going to work on the internal partitions and then get ready to do so practice hammer veneering before I build the drawers for my chest.  I really don’t want to ruin the walnut burl veneer I bought.

You asked for mistakes – I aim to please!