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Thanks Joe!  I’ll be sure to check the videos out.  I’m busy rigging my shop with makeshift camera supports and extra lighting in preparation of documenting this build…it’s a pain.  Hat tip to the people who can make good looking videos in their home shops – it’s not as easy as it looks.

Tomorrow I finish the carcase preparation, cut the joinery for the carcase, and start building the interior partitions.  That’s a lot – hopefully it will all get done.  If my count is right, that’s 4 dovetail joints at the corners of the carcase, and 6 halves of stopped housing dado’s for the partitions, plus the rebate for the case back and the cutouts for the door.

It’s about 102 deg. out now (I live near Las Vegas), and even with the swamp cooler, my shop is around 80 – 85 degrees in the morning…so I don’t know that I’ll be able to do a whole day.  I’ll give it my best.

If I can’t make it in the heat, I’ll roll the work into Sunday’s jobs – which I am really looking forward to doing.  I’m going to do the drawer fronts – work them to size and hammer veneer the walnut burl veneer to the faces.  I’m torn though – between building the drawers up to dry fitting the half-blind dovetails before veneering the faces or not – just in case I screw up a half-blind.  I’ll probably play it safe and do the drawers first.

Regardless, by Sunday night I hope to have some build photos and videos up here.

And thanks for the encouragement, too – it’s a big project and I haven’t been completely confident about my ability to get it done.  Now I have to!