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Secret compartments?  Absolutely!  Who could resist?

I’m doing the letter compartment at the top, the narrow deep one behind the central drawer (that is accessed when you remove the back panel), and I’m adding in two on the bottom level.  If you remove the two bottom drawers, you can then pull out the internal divider which has two small secret areas attached to the back of it.  There will be one more under a false floor in the central drawer, too.

I wish I could claim the creative brilliance that inspired these little secret areas, but I’m just not that inventive.  Check out this video – it’s an episode of The Woodwright’s Shop where Steve Latta takes Roy through the spice box, how to do some lettering inlay, and of course, the secret compartments!


I’ll post my progress if you’re interested in seeing it…will be working on it pretty much every weekend until it’s done.